What Is Zoning?

WHAT IT IS. Zoning law regulates land use across the city and shapes buildings, blocks, and whole neighborhoods. It can be a tool for preservation or for rapid physical and economic development.

How does it work? Why is it so controversial? This set of activities explains the zoning of density, bulk, land use, and how proposed rezonings could affect your neighborhood. Learn the basics (or build up to topics like inclusionary and contextual zoning) while maxing out your lot with plastic block buildings or laying out a brand new city.

CUP develops and tests the tools in workshops in communities all over New York to ensure that they will best meet the needs of a broad range of advocates and organizers throughout the city. What is Zoning? allows communities to understand the concepts behind zoning, as well as to look at the nuts and bolts of how rezonings can affect their neighborhoods.

WHERE IT WORKS. The toolkit works in organizing settings, staff trainings, college classrooms, Community Board meetings, and lots of other places. CUP can train you, your staff, or your members to run a workshop, or we can run a workshop for you. Workshops can be customized to focus on size and bulk issues (like FAR), land use issues, specific rezoning proposals, or tools for neighborhood preservation. Workshops can range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours.

HOW TO GET ONE. We can arrange workshops anywhere in the five boroughs with 3-4 weeks of notice.

Workshop prices start at $500. Some organizations may qualify for reduced rates depending on the ability to pay, audience reached, and level of customization.

Contact info(at)welcometocup.org to find out more.