Is there room for manufacturing in NYC? That’s been a big question in the last few years. Mayor DeBlasio would like to use manufacturing land to build affordable housing, but some people think manufacturing areas provide jobs and are an important part of the city’s economy. What would happen to industrial areas if manufacturing was replaced with something else? Who would benefit? Who would lose out? Who decides?

In our latest Urban Investigation, students from Lyons Community School in East Williamsburg and teaching artist Tamara Gubernat looked into the politics of industrial areas. The students talked to City Council Member Antonio Reynoso, a developer, business owners, and community advocates. They created a short video to share what they learned.

Students debuted their project at Union Docs Center for Documentary Art, where they presented the video and shared their creative process.

Check out the video below!

What People Are Saying

“This project changed the way I think because before this, I never knew how important manufacturing was to our city.”- Anthony Seenauth, student, If You Can Make It Here

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Lyons Community School is a small school is East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, committed to providing a broad, stimulating experience in the liberal arts, and preparing students for college, healthy adulthood, and life-long learning.

Funding Support

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, and by Council Member Antonio Reynoso.

Special Thanks

Jazlyn Patricio-Archer, Jessica Evans, Cecilia Lee, Kevin Li, Keri Ouellette, Kevin Park, Lacey Tauber, Stephanie S Yee, and to our interviewees: Brian Coleman (Greenpoint Manufacturing Design Center), Juan Camilo Osorio (Environmental Justice Alliance), Bruce Cost (Bruce Cost Gingerale), Seth Pinsky (Economic Development Corp), Antonio Reynoso (NYC City Council), Cristal Rivera (Industry City).


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  • Project Lead
  • Christy Herbes
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  • Jenn Anne Williams
  • Christine Gaspar
  • Valeria Mogilevich
  • Lyons Community School
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  • Jody Maddell

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