A guide that explains the rights of noncitizens who come into contact with ICE, from before arrest to deportation or release. 

A guide that explains how people who are eligible for Medicaid Health and Recover Plans (HARP) can successfully access mental health recovery services.

A guide on the rights of transgender, gender non conforming, intersex, and non binary people who are incarcerated in New York State prisons and New York City jails.

A guide helping students who experience gender-based violence in New York City public schools understand their options for support.

Current Design Fellows

  • Isil Akgul
  • Patra Jongjitirat
  • Matt Khinda
  • Stephanie Winarto
  • Luisa Velez Henao
  • Janet Chan
  • Melissa Chavez
  • D Wang Zhao and Chloe Chang

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Past Collaborations