Advocate Application

Thank you for your interest in Public Access Design!

The deadline to apply is Monday, October 12, 2020, at 5PM Eastern time.

Have questions about your application? Please send them to CUP can respond to inquiries emailed by Wednesday, October 7.

Please note: CUP is not accepting applications for Frames or Pixels projects in this application cycle. Click here to learn about the other format options.

The jury will evaluate your application based on the following criteria
  • Is the topic clearly articulated?
  • Does the project address a social justice issue?
  • Would the topic clearly benefit from visual explanation?
  • Is there a credible distribution plan and a clear constituency with a need for the tool?
  • Is the project tied to a larger effort or organizing campaign around this issue?
  • Would the final product engage and educate a larger public?
  • Is the issue concise enough to be completed within the Public Access Design time frame and format options?
  • Does the advocate have the capacity to participate in the program?
  • Does the advocate have sufficient expertise in the topic?
If you encounter any issues while filling out the application please email us at

1. Basic Information

Upload a photo

File format must be JPG, PNG, GIF and no more than 5mb

If your project is selected this will be used on CUP’s website.

2. Introduction

3. Formats

All Public Access Design collaborations will result in a visual tool that takes one of the following four formats. Please select up to 3 options and rank them according to your levels of interest. (If chosen to participate, you will get only one format.)


Public Access Design juries will meet approximately every two months to select a new project proposal from advocate applicants. If your project is not selected in the upcoming jury session, the proposal will automatically be considered once more in the following round unless you opt out of this.

If you would not like your project to be considered in the next round, please check here to opt out.

You will have a chance to edit your
application before submitting